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· 9 min read

The Dencun fork is a major Ethereum upgrade planned for over 2 years and recently went live on March 13 at epoch 29696. This upgrade introduces blob transactions, designed to reduce transaction costs for rollups. This post will detail Flashbots’ engineering work in preparation for the upgrade.

Dencun Upgrade

· 8 min read
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  • A new mev-boost feature allows validators to maximize Ethereum’s censorship resistance by building low-MEV blocks locally while still outsourcing the building of high-MEV blocks.
  • Using this feature carries an opportunity cost—the price of resilience.
  • As most blocks are actually low-MEV, however, forfeiting a little profit goes a long way in increasing resilience!
  • This is a breakthrough in the tradeoff between maximizing MEV extraction and maximizing censorship resistance.

· 9 min read
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Over the last few days, mev-boost has been a hot discussion topic in the community. We want to take this opportunity to highlight and educate the design and trust assumptions that make mev-boost possible as a merge-ready PBS solution.

· One min read
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This document outlines the design for a marketplace for block construction (often referred to as block proposer / block builder separation or PBS) compatible with the upcoming Ethereum merge fork. This trust based solution closely resembles the current Flashbots auction design with modifications to enable solo staker participation without introducing changes to Ethereum consensus. This solution aims to bridge the gap to a permissionless PBS design which should be strongly considered for the cleanup fork in order to improve decentralization.